Make your characters come to life

Create engaging and immersive models from 2D illustrations for use in VTubing and games development.

Screenshot of Inochi Creator with the model 'Ada' loaded by seagetch.

About Inochi2D

Inochi2D is a framework for realtime 2D puppet animation — by creating 2D meshes and layering creating the illusion of depth and movement from using 2D artwork. This technique enables creativity in a variety of applications within the entertainment industry from live streaming to games development.

Example scenarios


Bring your avatar to life and engage with viewers in real-time. You can combine Session with third party software and extensions for fine tuned viewer interaction.

Games Development

Implement real-time character animation at any framerate with physics and advanced compositing, royalty-free.


Animate layered artworks for publishing on social media using our animation tools and video export options.